Big update

Hello everyone.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and have come to a decision. First, allow me to explain this decision.

My health isn’t the best at the moment but there’s no reason for you to worry. It’s been behind some of the cancelled streams but do my best to ensure it won’t ruin or stop the streams. What it means to the stream is that some things are trickier to keep track of than others and when you multiply that by 5 platforms, it turns into a mess. Plus there’s things about a single platform that I love more than others.

I don’t even watch DLive other than a pair of streamers called WarlordN1k and PewdiePie. (I plan on getting to know the platform better) As for YouTube, I only watch pre-recorded content. Facebook will never be an adaquate streaming service, nor do I trust how they handle information. This left me Mixer and Twitch to pick from.

I wanted to build a cross platform community initially, but time has lent me a ew perspective. My community from Twitch has been spectacular and on the growth since beginning whereas Mixer only really ever offered me an occasional viewer and trolls. Plus, I prefer Twitch as a platform, from the perspective of a viewer.

With that in mind, I’m also going to raise the quality of the stream over time as well since I wont be limited by Restream and it’s 6000 bitrate limit.

I wanted to take this time and thank everyone for their support and for being themselves! Everyone on my discord has been phenomenal and a reminder of why I stream in the first place.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I’ll cya over on Twitch!


P.S. Next week I’ll be back to kick some ass in Overwatch, PUBG, and Sea of Thieves. (Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll fit some Minecraft time in there)

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  1. Scotch Scotch says:

    Plus I’ve loved Twitch culture more than the cultures behind other platforms for the longest time. I also missed the KappaGen from StreamElements so I’ll be happy to see that return!

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